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Pediatric Services

The LLU School of Dentistry Pediatric Clinic offers a comprehensive range of oral healthcare to include: dental health planning, cleanings, routine checkups, complex dental surgery, orthodontia and cleft palate treatment. We provide young patients, from infancy to 18 years of age, with every dental service.

Treatments provided include:

Pediatric Dentistry

The Pediatric Dentistry Clinic is devoted entirely to children from infancy to 18 years. We provide a nurturing, friendly atmosphere that puts even the most frightened patients at ease. We understand each child is unique and adjust our services to meet the needs of each patient.

At the School's Pediatric Dentistry Clinic, your child will receive care from graduate dentists in advanced specialty training in pediatric dentistry. Our experienced faculty pediatric dentists closely supervise your child's treatment, to ensure excellent dental care.

Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric dentists have specialized training that qualifies them to provide the most thorough treatment for children's dental problems. They can also treat patients who may have emotional, physical or mental limitations. Because of their specialized training, pediatric dentists are the best choice for the dental needs of children.

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The Pediatric Dental Clinic accepts self-referrals for common dental assessments and services. However, for certain treatments, a referral may be required from your primary care doctor or dentist. Please contact our clinic for additional information.

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