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Our Dental Team

At any LLUSD Student Clinic, you will be treated by students with close supervision by faculty. Our faculty dentists are highly respected experts in their oral healthcare specialties. Our faculty clinicians are registered dental hygienists, dentists and physicians. Each of these highly qualified and experienced individuals are devoted to ensuring the same competence in our students.

Our clinicians in training work with the clinical faculty to learn compassionate care and the latest in dental procedures as they treat our patients with valuable service. Our patients place their trust in our student-faculty teams; and, with expert supervision, our students deliver the care you expect.

Dental Hygiene

Under the supervision of licensed faculty dentists (DDS) and dental hygienists (RDH), our dental hygiene students take X-rays, provide cleanings, perform root planings and give patient oral healthcare instruction. Students in our dental hygiene program are required to complete a minimum of two years of dental science beyond their undergraduate education.

General Dentistry

At our General Dentistry clinic, third and fourth-year dental students treat patients with faculty oversight. These students have completed a substantial number of dental science classes, laboratory hours and other training provide treatment to our patients. Student clinicians are supervised by experienced faculty dentists (DDS). Their patient services are documented and applied toward completion of the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program.

Graduate Specialty Programs

The residents in our graduate specialty programs are dentists who have earned Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degrees from accredited schools of dentistry. These dentists come to LLU for intensive training in specific dental care specialties. Our experienced clinical faculty specialists carefully supervise all procedures performed by our residents.

Dental Specialties

Our Doctors

Our oral maxillofacial surgery residents are physicians in a four year OMFS (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery) certification or a six year combined OMFS certification and a Medical Degree program, receiving a Medical Doctorate (MD) in addition to dental school. These residents represent some of the most highly trained individuals in the medical and dental fields. They are capable of bridging the gap between medicine and dentistry and are uniquely capable of treating the most complex cases including facial reconstruction.

Our residents rotate through Loma Linda University Medical Center, Riverside County Regional Medical Center, Arrowhead County Regional Medical Center, Jerry Lee Pettis VA Hospital, West Valley Detention Center and Sach Norton.