Periodontics is the practice of dentistry especially concerned with the tissues that surround the teeth, including the gums and jaw. These tissues support the teeth, keep them in place and supply the teeth with nutrients. The health of these tissues is essential to overall oral health.

At this clinic treatment is provided by dentists in specialty training to become periodontists.

Dental Services

  • Periodontal diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Scaling and root planing
  • Periodontal plastic surgery
  • Osseous surgical re-contouring of alveolar bone surrounding teeth
  • Extraction site preservation
  • Alveolar ridge augmentation for implant, prosthetic and aesthetic concerns
  • Maxillary sinus elevation for placement of dental implants
  • Dental implant diagnosis, treatment planning and placement


You must have a referral from a dentist to be seen in this clinic.