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Your Child's First Visit

What to Expect

The Hutto-Patterson Pediatric Dental Clinic is a state-of-the-art dental clinic geared toward children. Our clinic is designed to make your child's dental experience an enjoyable and positive experience. From the televisions in the ceiling to the stuffed animals and toys that decorate our clinic, to the art work on the walls, your child will be comforted by the fun and friendly surroundings.

The first visit consists of a screening exam where your child will be evaluated by a faculty dental professor. This appointment allows for all the appropriate paper work to be filled out and for your child to become familiar with the dental clinic. No treatment or x-rays are taken during this initial visit, only a visual exam is performed. After every appointment a token is given to your child for them to receive a prize out of our toy machine. At the next appointment a complete oral and radiographic exam is performed.