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Community Outreach

Service learning is the core of the LLU School of Dentistry. Our school was founded upon the motto "Service is our Calling" and service to others is deeply rooted in our curriculum.

Our dental students and dental hygiene students are expected to complete, respectively, a minimum of 120 and 75 hours of community service prior to graduation. Extensive local community service opportunities are arranged for students, as well as more than 20 international mission trip options per academic year. The School strives to fulfill Christ’s mission from the gospel of John: "Love one another as I have loved you."

International Mission Service

The goal of the Service Learning Program is for each student to participate in a minimum of one international service-learning trip. Service locations are selected based on area need and travel safety. These service trips are popular with students and viewed by administrators and faculty as a valuable addition to their oral healthcare education.

Cameroon Mission Trip

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Cameroon mission trip

Four LLUSD students and two faculty members travelled to Cameroon to assist the underserved of Yaounde with nearly 300 dental procedures.

Peru Mission Trip

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Peru mission trip

In June 2007, a team of six LLUSD students, a cameraman, two faculty and a volunteer went to Cascas, Peru, for two weeks. They performed a total of 789 dental procedures on 370 patients.

Bangladesh Mission Trip

Bangladesh mission trip

Four schools from Loma Linda University (Nursing, Medicine, Public Health and Dentistry) collaborated on this mission trip during the weeklong autumn break. Students, accompanied by faculty members from each discipline, flew to Dhaka, Bangladesh and served over 650 patients. The team performed 1,100 procedures in four and a half days.

Domestic Mission Service

Local community dental service requirements are incorporated into all of the School of Dentistry programs. Students also have many other opportunities to contribute their skills to the public, such as health fairs and free clinics. Opportunities include:

Compassion Clinic

A locally based clinic that provides dental service to the homeless in Riverside, CA and San Bernardino, CA.

SOS (Share Our Selves)

A clinic located in Costa Mesa, CA serving the underserved of that community one Sunday each month.

Local health fairs

Sponsored throughout the academic year by local churches, communities, and health agencies.

Mobile Dental Clinic

Proctor & Gamble donated a mobile dental clinic to the School in 2002. The mobile clinic enables students to expand their local community service reach as they hone their dental skills. Aside from its use in the student curriculum, the mobile dental clinic is a much sought after addition to many local health fairs.

For more information on community services provided by the Student Dental Clinic, please contact:

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