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A Seventh-day Adventist Organization

About Us

About the Loma Linda University Student Dental Clinics

The Loma Linda University School of Dentistry (LLUSD) Student Clinics are devoted to providing quality dental care to the community. At our clinic, you'll be seen by one of our faculty dentists, dental students or graduate dentists/doctors. You'll find our dental team deeply committed to patient satisfaction and supporting dental health.

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Dedicated to Health and Education

The Loma Linda University School of Dentistry is a Seventh-day Adventist educational and health care organization. Our mission is to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through our dedication to comprehensive health care.

Satisfied and Healthy Patients

Our clinic offers a full array of dental services, ranging from dental hygiene to the most complex oral and maxillofacial treatments. When it comes to oral health, Loma Linda University offers the most complete treatment center in the Inland Empire. Our patients don't need to worry about getting referred to another clinic since our clinics and provider team can treat the full spectrum of dental conditions and diseases.

Patients may see a number of different care providers during their treatment, but our patients enjoy the convenience of having all their dental needs taken care of in one place.

Our patients rely on the consistency and excellence of care associated with LLU across all of our student clinics. Contact us and request your appointment with the student dental clinic.