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Before and After Your Visit

In many cases, what you do before and after your dental visit can be just as important as what goes on during your treatment. Before your appointment, you will receive instructions on what to bring and what to do (or not do) before your visit, along with other specifics. While every clinic will have different requirements, it is always advisable to bring the following:

  • A photo ID
  • Your insurance information
  • Means of payment (when applicable)
  • Dental records/x-rays (if you are being referred from an outside clinic)
  • Completed forms (any forms provided to you beforehand)
  • Entertainment
    • Though there are usually some reading materials provided in the clinic waiting rooms, you may want to bring a book, tablet, or something similar to keep you and those with you entertained while waiting.

Specific Instructions

Certain procedures and clinics require patients to follow a specific set of instructions before and/or after your visit. Please click on the applicable listed instructions.

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Pre and Post-Operative Instructions

Pediatric Dentistry