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Meet Your Dentist

All of the dentists, specialists and hygienists at our clinic are faculty members of the Loma Linda School of Dentistry. These individuals are some of the most experienced care givers in their field and well versed in the latest techniques. Many of our faculty members regularly engage in research, furthering their knowledge base and contributing to the field of dental science.

Our care providers represent every area of clinical dentistry making our practice one of the only ones in the Inland Empire to offer such an extensive array of dental services. These faculty members are committed to excellence and providing the highest quality care.

Dr. Riter


Holli Riter, DDS

Director, Koppel Special Care Dentistry



Dr. Chu


Larina Chu, DDS



Dr. Garcia


Maria S. Garcia, DMD


Jane Gumangan, DDS


Jane Gumangan, DDS



Dr. Yim


Christina Yim, DMD


Dr. Burtch


Perry Burtch, DDS



Dr. Choi


Eun Joo Choi, DDS


Dr. Guo


Jing Guo, DDS



Dr. Nam


Iris Nam, DDS


Dr. Nick


Doyle Nick, DDS



Dr. Okumura


Wesley Okumura, DDS



Dr. Omar


Samah Omar, DDS



Dr. Jino Park


Jino Park, DDS


Dr. Pereira


Valeria Pereira,DDS


Dr. Piedra


Isabell Piedra, DDS



Dr. Poomprakobsri


Kiddee Poomprakobsri, DDS, MSD, MBA



Dr. Richards


Susan Richards, DDS