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A Beautiful Smile

LLU Faculty Endodontics provides each patient with compassionate care that is both preventive and comprehensive. Our goal is to care for the whole person, not just the condition. We treat a complete range of endodontic conditions, while also providing our patients with the knowledge and care to help them maintain healthy teeth and gums.

At Our Clinic

  • All our dental health professionals are faculty at the LLU School of Dentistry
  • Care options range from simple root canals to endodontic surgery
  • We accept many dental insurance types

Contact your insurance provider to find out if LLU is a preferred provider.

Leading Dentistry in the Inland Empire

At Faculty Endodontics, we treat a full range of dental conditions, diseases and complications that many other dental offices avoid. In fact, many of the most complicated cases throughout the Inland Empire are referred to us.

All Your Dental Solutions in One Place

There is no other dental practice in the Inland Empire that offers a comprehensive range of services, treatments and specialties similar to what we have at LLU School of Dentistry. Our patients enjoy the benefit of having all the specialists, care providers, technology and resources in one convenient location.

Choose convenience. Choose LLU